parallax paradoxon

projektion / foto : starsky

parallax paradoxon

a light intervention in time and space
GLOW festival : from science to city lights / Eindhoven / NL / 2016

alongside the curvature of space parallax paradoxon experiments with the flexion of time and space. parallax paradoxon elegantly fails at the quadrature of the circle but succeeds in making the building swing, vibrating the space and oscillate between architecture and light. in concern of distortion and deformation it is contrary to 3d mapping projection : this intervention is the antithesis to the common projection mapping : it does not illustrate on the architecture thus becoming ornament. instead it uses the whole light space; merging with the given structure, accentuating, dissolving, distorting, revealing unseen perspectives and challenging the subject instead of decorating it. a dialogue between light and architecture emerges, a communication between image and structure : changing, distorting, influencing each other. they have impact on each other and affect each other as light and matter collide.

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credits :

a project by starsky

image / conception / projection : starsky
music : spice
sound mix : f.m. habla
programming : norbert math / starsky
technics : pronorm / pani
foto- video dokumentation : starsky